Alerting is an integral part of the Argus solution. Alerts can be dispatched to different levels of users for a range of different events. The same alert can also be sent to multiple users in multiple formats, either via our Argus Manager App (iOS & Android), email & web.

We can set up alerts for each of the events shown below; however, to enable your team to send out a panic alert, this requires a panic button to be enabled on the Driver App or a physical push button installed into your vehicle


  • Vehicle active for longer than X amount of time
  • Idling for longer than X amount of time
  • Vehicle Stationary for longer than X
  • Unauthorised Travel
  • Panic Alert
  • Input Alert


  • Save admin and management time, no longer waste time searching for issues - you are notified when an anomaly happens, as it happens, so you can deal with the issue in real time.
  • Greatly improved safety of your people and assets.