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It is important to be able to manage vehicle compliance easily to keep your vehicle and people on the road safely.
We offer a full fleet management suite enabling you to easily manage your vehicle compliance centrally – we can even purchase your rego’s and RUC’s for you at no extra charge!

Our NZTA sync makes keeping compliant easy, providing accurate information and removing admin and antiquated systems previously involved in ensuring your RUC/Registration/ WOF/COF/Service compliance is up-to-date.

Extended WOF periods have put more onus on the fleet operator to take responsibility and implement systems to make sure their fleet is ALWAYS at a Warrantable standard. Our approach reduces not only fleet repairs but also your exposure to the Health and safety at work act. 


  • We sync with NZTA for accurate information.
  • Easy to use system.


  • Reduce administration time and complicated systems normally associated with keeping your vehicles compliant. 
  • Reduce costs.
  • Improve the safety of your people and assets.