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Your account has been migrated to our new platform, please login to new version of the Argus Tracking software, Argus 3.0. 
Now that you are on Argus 3.0, to view historical data prior to the move, please login to the old Argus Tracking system, Argus 2.0.

Historical reporting will be available on Argus 2.0. until the 15th of June 2018. We recommend you urgently run and save any historical reporting you may need, as the old system will be shut down on this date and historical reporting will be unavailable after this time.

Login to old website : Argus 2.0

Login here to view your historical tracking data prior to moving to the new platform. 

Login to new website : Argus 3.0

Login here to view your current tracking data now you are on the new platform.