National benchmarking with risk points & speed zone ratios

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Being able to visualise your health and safety risk and monitor driving standards, vehicle safety and compliance is now a crucial part of running a fleet. Use Argus Tracking to benchmark your fleet against the national average.

Your people may not be professional drivers, but under health and safety legislation, they are expected to drive like they are. Businesses must be able to ensure their people and vehicles are safe and compliant.

Short of putting a driver trainer next to your employee to monitor driver behaviour once they have left the premises, GPS is THE most effective tool for keeping in touch with what’s happening with your people and vehicles while they are on the road - there is no other simple and cost effective way of measuring and managing daily performance and safety.

With Argus Tracking, Driver behaviour is measured when “Virtual” demerit points are applied to each of your drivers for negative driver behaviour such as speeding, with additional virtual demerits applied when these actions are in school zones, on the open road, at night or in inclement weather conditions when these actions are at their riskiest.

With this data, we benchmark your employees against over 46,000 other drivers we monitor on a daily basis so you know how your drivers stack up nationally, who needs some improvement and who is a liability to your organisation.


  • Easy to read charts display your fleets’ risk points over a year and compares against the national average each month. Click on each month to drill down to the risk point rankings for the month, with a overall star rating for your fleet as well as your drivers ranked from least at risk to most at risk, their shift in rank compared to the previous month, fuel consumption per 100km, and their star rating as a driver. Click on each driver to drill down to a 12 month overview of their driver behaviour where you can drill down further into each month.

  • Easy to read Speeding Zone Ratio chart clearly identifies the speed zones where risk points occur. Click on each speed zone to drill down to the number of speed incidents occurred each month in that zone, and see the risk point trends in this zone over previous 12 months. Click on each month again to drill down to a monthly breakdown of speeding incidents, the speed zone they were in and the drivers involved, ranked in order from most incidents.

  • Risk Points Ratio displays the number of risk points the 10% of your most at risk drivers generated, compared with your fleets total risk points each month. Hover over each month to display the percentage of risk points earned by the most at risk 10% of drivers.

  • Driver behaviour on-demand reports make it easy to see how your drivers are performing. The driver behaviour reporting suite includes: Risk Point Report, Leaderboard Report, Risk Points Summary Report, and Driver Risk Points Report.


  • Easily compare your drivers’ risk points and see them ranked against the rest of your fleet.

  • Benchmark your drivers against the national average.

  • Clearly see the risk point trends of your fleet.

  • Drill down into the locations your drivers accumulated their risk points, the speed limit of this location and how much over the speed limit they were going as well as any further contributing risk factors such as adverse weather conditions, to pinpoint where they are most at risk and initiate behaviour change.

  • See the ratio of risk points earned in each speed zone to identify the areas your drivers are most at risk.

  • Compare the risk points generated by your 10% most at risk drivers to the total risk points of your fleet each month, to initiate driver behaviour change.