ASSIST Fleet Management made easy


Asset Management Plan

The ASSIST plan is a plan for assets that require fleet management (Compliance, Check Sheet, Smart Renew & Asset Register) but do not need live tracking.
An ASSIST asset will appear in the fleet management portal, and does not require a GPS unit. Managing the compliance in untracked assets has never been easier.

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ASSIST Features

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Easily manage all your assets in one place, no matter what they are

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ASSIST Compliance Management | Argus Tracking


Service, maintain and stay compliant on all aspects of any asset - from tyre rotations, lease renewal, insurance renewal, fuel card expiry, and create your own custom items to maintain and service to suit your individual assets.

Our NZTA sync makes staying compliant easy by automating your current manual processes, providing accurate information and removing admin and antiquated systems previously involved in ensuring your RUC/Registration/ WOF/COF/Service compliance is up-to-date.

  • Maintain your assets by distance, hours or date-based items.

  • Get notified on only the things that need attention.

  • Ensure your assets are regularly maintained, avoiding unplanned repairs.

  • Reduce nonchargeable administration time.

  • Remove complicated systems normally associated with keeping your assets compliant.

  • Reduce maintenance, infringements, administration and downtime costs.

Smart Renew Aotomated RUC and REGO purchasing


Never get caught with an out of date licence again!

Automate the purchase of Road User Charges and Registration and get new licences delivered anywhere, when you need them!

  • Save on administration time and costs and ensure your fleet is always compliant, reducing the risk of costly fines.

  • Get licences delivered to the address you want delivered to, NOT just the registered address.

  • Complete all fleet management in one place, even compliance purchasing.

  • Improve your cashflow. Buy RUC and REGO when you need them, rather than buying more than you need.

ARGUS TRACKING | Digital Check Sheet for fleet safety checks

Check Sheet

An easy to use mobile App (iOS & Android) check sheet to keep your fleet safe. Use the technology you already have to keep your assets safe and compliant and get your users to help manage maintenance and keep you up to date with any issues with your fleet. Easily keep your assets compliant & maintained, while removing paperwork, increasing accuracy and meeting your Health & Safety requirements.

  • Check Sheet is fully customised to your operation. Ask the questions that relate to your organisation and get your users to take responsibility to check vital maintenance & safety aspects, ensuring you get the info you need to keep your fleet and assets safe and compliant.

  • Guarantee accurate onsite checks are done - proof of onsite inspections for investigation purposes. Get notified only when things need attention - notifications are sent only when an area has failed the check sheet so you can react.

  • Take a photo of any issues, add notes and submit a signature on screen.

  • Reports are securely stored in un-editable PDF.

  • Notify the correct person within your organisation.

  • Immediately see the pass/fail status of each check.

Argus Tracking Asset Register on ASSIST Fleet Management Plan

Asset Register

The Asset Register is a complete in-depth overview if all your assets in one place. Understand the assets in your fleet - from when a vehicle is purchased, lease details, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, total number in fleet, average age of fleet and other in-depth asset details.

  • A one page view of all your asset details. Over 20 options in the Asset Register, including:
    Odometer, Group, Make, Model, Year, Age, Lease expiry by mileage, Lease expiry by date, Original purchase price, Purchase date, Fleet ID, Cost Centre, Safety rating, Fuel L/100km, Estimated lifetime fuel consumption, CO2 emissions (g/km), Speed limited to 90km/h, RFID enabled, Driver app enabled, Buzzer enabled, Pool Asset, Fuel Card, Cost per km/mile.

  • Customise the columns to display only the information you need. Display all assets or search for individual assets, filter by the asset group and reorder the register by columns.

  • Automate reports direct to your inbox and export in CSV for data analysis and to merge with other systems.

  • Easily view each assets age and the average age of your fleet to understand values and ideal disposal times.

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