Smart Renew | Argus Tracking Automated RUC & Registration Purchasing

Automated RUC & Registration Purchasing

Smart Renew - RUC and Registration purchasing made easy

Never get caught with an out of date licence again! Automate the purchase of Road User Charges and Registration and get new licences delivered anywhere, when you need them! RUC and Registration purchasing made easy.


  • Automate the purchasing of RUC and REGO licences.

  • Set the purchase quantity of RUC distance and REGO months to your requirements.

  • Purchases next REGO automatically, for the term you require.

  • Purchases next RUC automatically when your vehicle has X distance left.

  • RUC and REGO when you need them. Your new licence automatically arrives when you need it.

  • Licences dispatched to any address.

  • Easy set and forget process. Once setup, there is nothing else to do except insert the licence when it arrives!


  • Easy to setup and use.

  • Save on administration time and costs.

  • Always compliant, reduce the risk of costly fines.

  • Delivered to the address you want delivered to, NOT just the registered address.

  • Complete all fleet management in one place, even compliance purchasing.

  • Improve your cashflow. Buy RUC and REGO when you need them, rather than buying more than you need.