Client Feedback

At Argus Tracking we listen to our customers; tailoring a GPS solution to any given application. It’s our experience across a broad spectrum of industries that enables us to consistently deliver results and our customers can attest to the superiority of our products and service.

Below are comments submitted from our regular customer feedback reports. If you're weighing up your GPS Tracking options, we welcome your enquiry about how Argus can benefit your business; whatever it may be.



Director - Allendale Electrical

“We found that we could manage the fleet so much better with a good reporting system, which Argus offers. It keeps an eye on Road User Charges, WoFs, CoFs, accumulated mileage and other vehicle management information which is an area that big fleets can actually lose a lot of money to.”

“Time management is another big advantage, ensuring that we can bill our clients correctly when our people are on site, making sure that we use the vehicles wisely in terms of location – why send a van from the CBD to Papakura when someone’s just finished a job in Manurewa?

“The Argus system tells us where our people are and that way we can allocate jobs cost effectively and more importantly, keep our clients happy with prompt arrival times.”



Seafood Wholesaler

What was the main reason for investing in a GPS Tracking & Fleet management system?

To improve our efficiency in the running of our Distribution Business.


Did any major technical issues arise? If so, were our technical staff competent in resolving these?

We have had a couple of technical issues (usually when our vehicles have visited a repair shop) and these have been attended to very efficiently – Yes, most competently.


Please list a real life example of how the Argus System has helped you. i.e. time sheet discrepancy’s, improved customer response, vehicle recovery, fuel bill decrease etc.?

Ensures that the staff are out there focusing on their route to the best of their ability. Also, able to have a driver attend a Customer Call-out immediately due to knowing their location minute by minute, thereby saving phone calls, time etc.


Do you feel the Argus Tracking system is helping improve your efficiency and profitability?

Yes, most definitely


YMCA in the pool fast lane with Argus Tracking

Van bookings were a time-consuming task for Mandy Fastier from Christchurch’s YMCA - until Argus Tracking installed pool booking software.

“Managing fleet bookings was a real pain,” says Mandy Fastier of YMCA Christchurch. “I used to do it all manually myself. Now van users can self-manage their own bookings.”

Any staff members wanting to book a mini-van from the small YMCA Christchurch fleet must log into Argus Tracking’s pool booking software system to secure a vehicle. “It’s definitely saved me time,” says Fastier, who wears multiple hats as executive assistant to CEO Josie Ogden-Schroeder.

“We used to own our own vans until about a year ago when we went into a new era of leasing vehicles,” recalls Fastier. “I went to a fleet management course where a speaker from Argus Tracking did an amazing presentation. Wow! I thought. That could work for us!”

“An Argus Tracking representative came down from Auckland, and he went out his way to give us a very good deal because the YMCA is a not-for-profit organisation. We had specific needs and he figured out solutions.”

“The lease vans arrived with the tracking devices already installed. After some fine-tuning, the system is working very well. My Argus Tracking go-to person is great at sorting things out. If she can’t solve something on the spot, she gets in the technician.”

Fastier especially likes to keep an eye on speed when precious passengers are on board. “Our vans are on the open road quite a lot, driving between the city and our camp on Banks Peninsula, or taking students on trips to Central Otago or elsewhere in the South Island. Often they are towing trailers on the open road, so it’s very important to monitor driver speed and behaviour. The roads around here are a challenge for anyone after the earthquakes.”

The busy Christchurch YMCA has found that the tracking devices have many unexpected benefits.

“It’s useful for me to know when a group is about to arrive back,” says Fastier. “I even get an alert if someone has left a van door open and the battery is running down. I can pre-empt a flat battery and a van going nowhere with a whole lot of kids inside.”

Time saved by the pool booking software has given Fastier deeper insight into fleet management. “Argus Tracking is also good for reporting and analysis,” she continues. “I can see how often a van is being used or not being used, how many kilometres a particular van has been driven, and which departments are using the vans most. Argus Tracking gives YMCA Christchurch end-of-month information we’ve never had before and we’ve never been more efficient.”

YMCA stolen vehicle recovered easily

Recently, a YMCA vehicle was stolen during the day. That afternoon, once they had realised it had been stolen, YMCA were able to use the Argus Tracking GPS system to ascertain the whereabouts of their vehicle. They were then able to go directly to it and retrieve their vehicle with the spare keys. They have now set up a geofence with an alert on it, so if the car is stolen again they will receive an immediate txt message alert.

Laser Electrical Nelson

Laser Electrical Nelson have found the Argus Tracking GPS tacking system highly valuable in having the real time views of where their assets are at all times, but have also found the system extremely useful when their staff go and carry out work for other Laser divisions, as they are then able to provide reports on the drivers movements to the Laser division that the driver was contracted out to