Improve Your Operations with Fleet Management GPS Tracking Software from Argus Tracking

Fleet management GPS tracking software can redefine your operations.

Planning the movements of your fleet assets isn’t easy—especially if you’re managing a fleet of hundreds or even thousands. With a solution from Argus Tracking, real-time fleet tracking is not only possible, but easy. You can take your fleet performance, efficiency, and revenue to the next level, just by knowing more about what your fleet is doing.

Tips Regarding Fleet GPS Tracking Software

  • As you research Argus Tracking, you will notice that our brand has several levels of GPS fleet management software available. Each plan, of course, offers different features. Our number one tip regarding fleet management software, then, is research. Doing your homework and learning which Argus plan fits your needs will make matters much easier going forward. Here’s a quick rundown of each plan and what it offers:

  • VISI Track: Our most basic plan, VISI Track still gives you everything you need to monitor the movements of your fleet assets in real time. VISI Track also includes basic reporting functions and the Argus Fleet Management App so you can manage your fleet on the go.

  • MIDI Track: MIDI Track isn’t just a GPS fleet tracking software program. It also incorporates advanced reporting capabilities, notifications, compliance management including auto update with NZTA sync, automated processes and other smart functions. It helps you keep a closer eye on your drivers, assets and jobs, all without spending more time doing so.

  • OMNI Track: OMNI Track is the top level of what we offer at Argus Tracking premium plan. It’s a comprehensive fleet management solution, incorporating in depth driver behaviour, fuel monitoring and reporting and can easily be configured and scaled to suit your business needs.

The Benefits of Our Fleet Management GPS Tracking Software

A true fleet management software solution can deliver countless features and benefits. Here are a few of the key reasons that clients turn to Argus Tracking and our software solutions:

  • It helps streamline operations: Where are all your assets and drivers right now? Could you be planning their routes or usage more effectively? Fleet management software enables you to answer these questions, in turn making it easy to identify and eliminate areas of waste in your business.

  • It allows for monitoring of driver behaviour: Your drivers are a crucial part of your fleet, but it has typically been difficult to monitor their behaviour beyond limiting their driving hours. Argus Tracking software tells you if your drivers are speeding—and if so, where, when, for how long and in what weather. These details make it easier to make sure your drivers drive smart and safe.

  • It acts as a compliance tool: Your Argus Tracking software sync with New Zealand Transport Authority data to notify you when compliance requirements like the RUC, WOF and COF are due. You can also use your tracking software to remind you to service vehicles in your fleet.

What Customers Stand to Lose If They Don’t Use Argus Tracking

Fleet tracking and monitoring are the future of fleet management. Trucking and logistics companies not taking advantage of this technology risk lagging behind the competition and missing out on big opportunities for business growth and improvement. Don’t take these risks! Instead, contact Argus Tracking today to learn more about our software solutions.