Get started with the Stop Report

With such a comprehensive suite of reports available in the Argus Tracking Hub, you may be wondering which Argus Tracking report you need to run! We recommend starting with our most commonly run report, the Stop Report.

This comprehensive report shows all the locations a vehicle (or a group of vehicles) have stopped, as well as how long the vehicle has stopped at each location, the travel time and travel distance between locations, along with the arrival and departure times.

The Stop Report will break down the day for you, showing:

• All the locations where a vehicle has stopped
• How long the vehicle has stopped at each location
• The travel time and travel distance between locations
• The arrival and departure times of each stop

Use the Stop Report to:

• See exactly what vehicle activity has been happening, and where!
• See how the day has been spent eg travel time vs stopped time.
• Provide accurate billing for customers (eg. time on the job)
• Ensure the right amount of time was spent at each job.
• Use as accurate timesheets - see exactly when your worker arrived on site and when they left for the day.

Has a customer questioned whether you were at their location? From the Stop report, you are able to click on an address to be taken to a map view of that location - from here you can use the satellite view on the map and utilise the street view guy as well, to drill down to street level, to prove exactly where the vehicle was stopped.

Use this report to identify any discrepancies in time sheets or workload.