Argus Tracking OMNI Tracking and fleet management plan with API access


Achieve optimal productivity with Argus Tracking’s premium fleet management solution.

The OMNI plan is our most comprehensive tracking and fleet management plan with access to the full range of Argus Tracking features. The OMNI plan gives you all the features of MIDI plus includes Temperature Monitoring, API Access, Input Reporting, Seat Utilisation Reporting, Drive Dynamics, and Fuel Watch as well as giving you easy geofence and driver importing and user activity oversight, and an in-depth fleet review.

Maximise your system efficiencies and integrate and automate your Argus Tracking data with other software used within your organisation through the Argus Tracking API.

OMNI is the answer to efficient fleet management. It is a comprehensive, flexible and scalable plan designed to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and optimise your fleet and ensure adherence to compliance requirements.

With OMNI you can make sure your fleet operates intelligently - eliminating time consuming and costly manual tasks.

Meeting health and safety and compliance requirements is essential for enterprise fleets; protect your organisation with Argus Tracking.

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OMNI Features

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High Performance, Easy Set Up

  • Web & App based Platform. Robust SaaS Cloud platform accessible from any web based device.

  • High quality hardware with lifetime device upgrade and warranty programme.

  • Easy, intuitive user interface with customisable dashboard.

  • Real-time live tracking.

  • Replay / View history.

  • In-depth asset profile.

  • Accurate speed zones with live weather & school zones.

  • Map layers - Traffic view / Street view / Satellite view.

  • Real-time ETA & distance with live traffic.

  • Utilise the 3 Argus Apps :
    Fleet Management App - (iOS & Android)
    Driver App - Driver Id, Messaging, Check Sheet, & Seat Utilisation (Android)
    Check Sheet App (iOS & Android)

  • Additional options for Driver ID, Iridium Satellite and Panic Button.

  • Integrations.

  • User activity oversight - see when your users last used the system.

Advanced Geofencing, User Controls, Notifications and Grouping

  • Advanced Geofencing. Create unlimited polygon or round geofences with inactivity, stationery and speed settings and an overlay on live maps.

  • Grouping with multi group ability. Create Asset groups or geofence groups.

  • Advanced user levels and permissions - restrict access for different users and see when they last logged in.

  • Receive notifications via email or the Fleet Management App.

  • Compliance reminders included.

  • Online hardware management. Easily order hardware or request installs or decommissioning.

Quick & Comprehensive Reporting

  • Run real-time on demand reports in an instant.

  • Automated set-and-forget email reporting - get the reports you need, delivered direct to your inbox.

  • Asset Reporting - Stop, Trip, Mileage, Overspeed & Asset Overdue reports included.

  • Fleet Reporting - Usage, Stationary, Advanced Stop, Utilisation, Idle & Location reports included.

  • Driver Reporting (for use with Driver ID or poolbooking) - Driver Stop, Driver Trip, Driver Mileage, Driver Overspeed, Driver Usage, Driver Utilisation, Driver Idle, Driver Advanced Stop & driver Risk Points reports included.

  • Driver Behaviour Reporting - Risk Point, Leaderboard & Risk Point Summary reports included.

  • Fuel Watch Reporting - Transaction, Fuel Summary, Fuel Location, Non-fuel, Fuel Matching & Overfill reports included.

  • Geofence Reporting - Geofence & Geofence Overspeed reports included.

  • Site Reporting - Site, job & KPI management.

  • Drivers licence expiry report.

  • FBT Reporting.

  • Lifetime CO2 emissions & fuel consumption reporting.

Fleet Management made easy

  • NZTA sync automatically updates your compliance details.

  • Schedule servicing and maintenance by date, distance or hours.

  • Smart Renew - Automated RUC & registration purchasing.

  • RUC Collect - Off-road RUC Management and claiming. (add-on. additional fees apply)

  • Fuel Watch for fuel card monitoring and fraud detection.

  • Customisable digital Check Sheet with management and storage.

  • Keep track of valuable asset details with the Asset Register.

  • Pool Booking - Integration to Fleetwise Poolbooking. (optional).

  • Driver ID via iButton in cab reader or the Argus Driver App (additional hardware required for Driver ID).

  • Virtual speed zones - set your own speed limit for specific areas.

  • Running Costs - cost per km/mile/hour.

  • In depth asset profile. Store valuable information about each asset, and select asset type for road registered or other.

  • Monitor the temperature of your refrigerated asset. (additional hardware required)

In Depth Driver Behaviour

  • Fleet behaviour insights - national benchmarking with risk and speed zone ratios.

  • Driver Behaviour Insights - driver rank, scorecard and individual performance.

  • Instant driver feedback via Argus Driver App.

  • Driver Intervention - driver risk assessment with driver training referral.

  • Driver fatigue management & policy adherence.

  • Drive Dynamics - impact / brake / corner / acceleration notification and reporting

Job & Dispatch Management

  • Route planning & optimisation.

  • Real-time ETA & distance with live traffic.

  • 2-way driver messaging & dispatch via Argus Driver App.

  • Team Management - manage locations, time sheets & billables.

Superior Support and Service

  • Designated Client success manager.

  • In-depth fleet review.

  • Freephone support.

  • Online and email support via email & online support tickets.

  • Online help centre and knowledgebase.

  • Historic reporting available for 7 years.

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