Real benefits. Real results.

Staff and vehicles are one of your biggest investments and concerns. Argus Tracking answers the what, where & when of your fleet mobility. Clever technology creating efficiency, helping you utilise your people and fleet better and visualising your Health & Safety risk.


Business Intelligence Support

Our solution helps you identify the many areas where you can gain operational efficiencies by more fully understanding your GPS data and how you compare against broader industry benchmarks.

Customisable Feature Sets

Our GPS packages are fully customisable with a host of options available for effectively capturing the most powerful business intelligence across the broadest spectrum of industries and users.

More Cost Effective Solutions

Our GPS packages give you the options you need at the right price. Whether you’re an SME, Corporate, Government or Enterprise operation we give you the greatest return on investment.

Continuous Improvements

Our dedicated team of software developers are already working on the next innovations, constantly evolving our offering so you always have access to the latest technologies and most useful initiatives.

100% New Zealand Made

Our people are right here in New Zealand, from the GPS development team through to our Account Managers, Specialist Information Management Consultants and our support team.

Immediate Return on Investment

We know you’ll get an immediate return on investment and we can prove it. See our case studies for outcomes we’ve already achieved for clients.

No Roads? No worries

Using Iridium satellite communications we can provide 100% global tracking, even outside of GSM coverage. Peace of mind, wherever you are in in the country.

Unrivalled Customer Support

We focus on a great customer experience, with free lifetime warranty and upgrades on our equipment and rapid response assistance where and when you need it.