Health and safety

Health & Safety  

Protect your business and people

Health and safety plays an important role in the workplace today and is a particularly important issue for organisations running fleet vehicles which are regarded as mobile workplaces.
Simply saying "drive safe" is no longer enough. Businesses, directors and fleet managers have to be seen to be taking every precaution to ensure drivers are driving seriously, safely and with skill, whether driving is your primary business or you manage people who are on the road, and whether you have one driver or a whole team.

Health and Safety Features

Visualise your risk

GPS tracking is THE most effective way to minimise your exposure to risk under health and safety legislation, and keep your people safe.

Being able to monitor driving standards and vehicle safety and compliance is now a crucial part of running a fleet. Your people may not be professional drivers, but under health and safety legislation they are expected to drive like they are. 

Short of putting a driver trainer next to your employee to monitor driver behavior once they have left the premises, Argus Tracking GPS is the most effective tool for keeping in touch with whats happening with your people and vehicles while they are on the road, enabling you to measure and manage your daily performance and safety. 

Use Argus Tracking to keep your fleet and drivers health and safety compliant, keeping an eye on everything in real time, wherever you and your people are. 

Driver Behaviour 

Our Driver Behaviour Dashboard and scorecard applies "risk points" to each of your drivers for any negative driver behaviour, with additional virtual risk points applied when these actions are in school zones, on the open road, at night or in inclement weather conditions when these actions are at their riskiest.
With this data, we benchmark your employees against the 46,000 other drivers we monitor on a daily basis so you know how your drivers stack up nationally, who needs some improvement and who is a liability to your organisation.

Fleet Management

Are your vehicles up to scratch? With health and safety legislation and extended WOF periods, it is now imperative that regular vehicle checks are undertaken for the purpose of maintaining a safe fleet and workplace.
Vehicle condition can be easily monitored in real time with our Digital Vehicle Check Sheet, ensuring the vehicles your people are operating are safe and are maintained to a warrantable standard.
Traditionally, vehicle check sheets have been paper based, taking a lot of time and were often inaccurate - there was no guarantee the person filling out the check sheet was even at the vehicle if a check sheet was done at all!
The Argus iOS & Android digital check sheet App was developed for ease of use and accuracy, enabling you to meet your health and safety requirements, providing proof vehicle checks have been undertaken and are accurate, capturing damage and maintenance in a timely manner before it becomes an emergency, and keeping paperwork to a minimum.