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ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Step 1

Number of petrol vehicles in fleet
Number of electric vehicles in fleet
Number of diesel vehicles in fleet


Step 2

On average, how many kilometres are driven per month per vehicle?
On average, our customers drive 1,960 kms per vehicle.
How accurate are your timesheets really? How many unproductive minutes do you think are lost per day?
Manage peoples timesheets so that time theft is no longer an issue. How many additional tasks can be achieved each day by optimising routes, eliminating downtime and reducing drive time, and how many additional jobs could be achieved when your team works efficiently for the full day they are paid for?
How much will telematics improve the driver behaviour and running costs of your fleet?
After using the Argus system, customers see an improvement of 12% on average. Some customers have achieved a saving of 39%! How much fuel can you save by creating efficient routes and reducing speeding and idling?
How many kilometres of unnecessary travel will be reduced per day?
Reduce unnecessary or excessive personal vehicle use or trips like the "pie run" which cost you in lost time, fuel and wages. Use route optimisation to take the most efficient route.
How many minutes per day are your vehicles idling?
Idling wastes valuable time, burns fuel, increases wear and tear on your vehicles and emits unnecessary CO2 emissions. What savings would a reduction in idling time make to your annual running costs?


Step 3

How many hours per month are spent on fleet administration?
Reduce and automate administration time spent on timesheets, invoicing, and unproductive compliance and maintenance management. Telematics can significantly reduce your accident risk, and with that comes a reduction in insurance and repair costs, and the additional costs that come with having a vehicle off the road.
Fleet administrators' cost per hour
Employee/Driver cost per hour


Step 4

Hourly charge out rate
Extra minutes chargeable per day

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