With Driver ID, Messaging, Check Sheet & Seat Utilisation (Android)

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Simple and effective driver login and tools. Use the technology you already have to identify who is driving your expensive assets, and get your drivers to help you manage them. 


  • Driver Login Drivers easily and quickly log in to each vehicle via pin number or drivers licence, assigning them as the driver on reporting.

  • Check Sheet Drivers complete a check sheet customised to your operation. Drivers take responsibility to check vital maintenance and safety aspects, ensuring you get the info you need to keep your fleet safe and compliant.

  • Panic Alert Drivers can send panic alerts when in need of aid.

  • Notifications Drivers receive real time, on screen notifications from Argus Hub while on the go.

  • Messaging Drivers can send messages to Argus Hub while on the job.

  • Passengers Log passenger numbers for utilisation reporting and safety. (Passengers feature only available on Android)

  • Settings Customise the App to your preferences

  • Mobile Platform Works on Android and iOS


  • Low learning curve for your drivers - Quick and easy to use.

  • Know who was driving each vehicle, and when.

  • Identify the driver if incidents occur.

  • Keep in touch with your fleet.

  • Use the technology that’s currently in your drivers’ pocket.

  • Easily keep your assets compliant & maintained, removing paperwork & increasing accuracy. Let your drivers take responsibility for reporting maintenance and safety issues.

  • Meet your Health & Safety requirements.

  • Quickly & easily dispatch jobs & know when things are happening with your assets so you can fix them in real time.

  • Use drivers licence login to guarantee your drivers have their licence with them, a legal requirement