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Geo-Fences are virtual parameters set up on our maps for individual vehicles or groups of vehicles. When a vehicle enters or exits these zones, alerts can be sent out and reports can be generated. You can also create a timed Geo-Fence around the address where a vehicle is stored. This means that the Geo-Fence will only be active between certain hours of the day so that, at other times; the vehicle can come and go without triggering an alert.

Geo-Fences have many uses. Examples of some of the uses of Geo-Fences include: 

  • an overnight freight company knowing exactly when its trucks take an interisland ferry;
  •  a council mowing service tracking which gardens and parks have been mown and when;
  • office staff receiving notification by email when the ground staff leave a park or garden, so they can create a report to see how long the job took and create an invoice from the report;
  • customers loading key locations, such as petrol stations, employees’ houses, job locations, etc.

As a customer, you can generate a report for each individual Geo-Fence, or each vehicle or group of vehicles. From these reports, you can see which vehicles have entered a particular zone (ringed by a Geo-Fence) and for how long. This information can assist you in creating accurate invoices, as well as serving to substantiate those invoices if your billing is questioned.

Geo-Fences can also help you monitor vehicles within certain zones. This is useful for ensuring company representatives remain within their assigned areas and minimise their personal use of vehicles.


  • Circle or polygon shaped geofences
  • Multiple colour options for different types of geofences
  • Stationary time limits
  • Geofence alerts can be activated for different days and times
  • Apply geofences to individuals, groups or all vehicles
  • Easy setup, simple upload of multiple geofences via excel.
  • Geofence reporting


  • Easily see when a vehicle enters and exits a specified area. View how long an employee is on the job for accurate invoicing. 
  • Security of both people and assets - be notified if a vehicle leaves a designated area (eg a garage)
  • Health and safety - being notified if a vehicle does not make it to a geofence by a specified time and knowing if a vehicle has not left a geofence.
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy visualisation
  • Report on specified locations