Argus Tracking Asset Register

A complete overview of all your assets in one place.  Understand the assets in your fleet, from when a vehicle is purchased to the depreciated value, the Asset Register gives you a snapshot of the value of all your assets.


  • A one page view of the value all your fleet.

  • Easily search thousands of assets on one page. Find what you want quickly.

  • Filter by individual assets or groups.

  • Export your Asset Register as PDF or Excel.


  • Understand what assets you have and the impact they have on your bottom line and the environment.

  • Understand how safe your fleet is, compare the safety rating of each vehicle.

  • Aids in giving an accurate market and depreciated value of your fleet.

  • Measure your CO2 emissions and fuel usage over the lifetime of each asset.

  • Modern interface and easy to use system.

  • Display the items you want to see, add and delete the aspects as you need.

  • Provide a login to your financial advisors to share your fleet value information.

  • Customise the Argus Compliance portal to suit your needs.