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Offroad RUC Claimback

RUC Collect

Previously, undertaking offroad claim backs has been a difficult and time consuming process for your drivers and admin staff. RUC collect enables you to simply and easily claim back your off road RUC usage automatically with no set up required. No more paperwork, geofences or expensive hardware needed.


  • Automatically calculates your off road usage.

  • Easily and quickly generate electronic RUCOR claims.

  • Claims history is securely stored online in PDF


  • Get an RUC refund - Don't pay for what you don't use.

  • Easy and simple to use, does all the processing for you.

  • Automatically fills out the NZTA electronic RUCOR form ready for paperless submission - quickly get your refund.

  • Save heaps of time for your drivers and admin - let your drivers focus on driving.