Check Sheet

As a vehicle and machinery operator, you need to make sure employees are operating safely. Part of this responsibility, for both the safety of the employees, other road users, and to reduce your exposure to health and safety legislation, is in ensuring the assets they are operating are safe and are maintained to a legal and safe standard.

For vehicles, it now is imperative that regular safety checks are undertaken, especially with new health and safety legislation and extended WOF periods. Traditionally, vehicle check sheets have been paper based, taking a lot of time and were often inaccurate as there was no guarantee the person filling out the check sheet was even at the vehicle if a check sheet was done at all!

The Argus iOS & Android App was developed for ease of use and accuracy, enabling you to meet your health and safety requirements, capturing damage and maintenance in a timely accurate manner before it becomes an emergency, and eliminating paperwork.

Extended WOF periods have put more onus on the fleet operator to take responsibility and implement systems to make sure their fleet is ALWAYS at a Warrantable standard.

Our approach reduces not only fleet repairs but also your exposure to the Health and safety at work act.  


  • A barcode is applied to your vehicle which our App will read, confirming the user was at the vehicle when the check was undertaken as well as partially completing the required fields, speeding up the process.

  • You can add as many or as few items to be checked off as you require to suit your operations.

  • Each item is checked, passed or failed, damage noted and photographed and noted on a vehicle map.

  • Check sheet is completed and signed off by the user – confirming the vehicle is compliant and able to be used.

  • A digital copy of the check sheet is stored in Argus and any check sheets that do not pass are automatically emailed to the fleet manager for action.


  • Become aware of any maintenance issues and repair a vehicle before it becomes a hazard or breaks down.

  • Accurate vehicle checks with onsite confirmation by way of barcoding.

  • Checklist is completed digitally, decreasing paperwork and ensuring you ONLY get the information you need. You don’t need to know your vehicle is complaint by reading every check sheet, Argus will just alert you to the vehicles that have failed a check.

  • Reminders sent to employees to undertake checklist on your pre-defined time frame – so you don’t have to.

  • Less admin time on a non-monetary producing task.


  • Super easy to use iOS & Android app, no training required.

  • Onsite confirmation with smart bar-coding and user signoff.

  • Vehicle inspection check list able to be customised to suit your fleet needs.

  • Completely digital, stored securely for you.