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Clarkson Electrical improves their driver safety with Argus Tracking

Clarkson Electrical

Clarkson Electrical improves
driver safety with Argus Tracking

With over 110 vehicles in their fleet, and driving behaviour worse than the national average, Clarkson Electrical knew something needed to change.

Clarkson Electrical has been providing commercial and industrial electrical services for the past 20 years. They mainly service petrol stations – petrol pumps, electrics, building and garden maintenance – and other commercial electrical installations.

With Argus Tracking, they saw they could improve their driver behaviour – and with it their health and safety record.

After becoming an Argus Tracking customer in May 2017, Clarkson business systems and IT manager David Townsend talks about how the GPS tracking software has helped them improve their crew’s driving behaviour. They also streamlined their fleet management and asset tracking, and reports have become an integral part of day-to-day business operations.

“Better visibility” creates better safety

Last August, with risk points consistently sitting above the national average, Clarkson Electrical needed to focus on improving driver behaviour. Argus Tracking’s driver-behaviour reporting let Clarkson allocate each driver with risk points for things like speeding or turning into a corner too hard.

David explains how they’ve used the reports from the driver-behaviour feature to monitor overspeeds of more than 15km on a weekly basis. Month to month, they generate a report that identifies the top 10 at-risk drivers, which lets them focus their management efforts.

That oversight has paid dividends. In just the first three months, Clarkson dropped an average of 30 risk points each month, until in December, they’d dropped 83 points to sit below the national average. Since then, they’ve been consistently on or below the national average.

“Argus Tracking has given us better visibility, and provided us with a simple solution to monitoring our driving behaviour. In six months we’ve been able to improve on our overspeeds, so we’re now sitting below the national average.”

Saving 23,000km a year with geo-fencing

Clarkson Electrical had other fleet concerns, like asset tracking and after-hours use of their vehicles, that put them in the market for a fleet management system. The company has a lot of expensive equipment that is often passed around by the crew, and because their staff and work sites are mobile, it can be challenging – and costly – to keep track of everything. When they implemented Argus Tracking – and ran a utilisation report – David found that in one year, just over the weekends, their vehicles had been used a whooping 23,000kms – at a time when the fleet shouldn’t be in use at all.

With Argus Tracking, Clarkson Electrical has been able to set up geo-fences around all their major work sites. This lets them easily report on when their staff have last visited the site, last serviced the equipment, and how long they’re spending at each job. David can now also run monthly trip reports to keep track of work, work-related, and after-hours travel.

Compliance a breeze

Keeping up with the road user charges and registration for one vehicle can be tricky – let alone for a fleet of 110. David says they weren’t 100% confident in the solution they had, and now use the Argus Tracking compliance feature to stay on top of vehicle maintenance.

“Reporting is key – there’s too much data involved with 110 vehicles. Now, with Argus Tracking, I can run reports daily, weekly, monthly – which makes keeping on top of things so much more manageable. Like, we run a weekly compliance report to make sure we have current WoFs and services, and our road user charges are up to date.”

Easy to use, great team

David recommends Argus Tracking to any business looking for a fleet management solution – particularly for those who need to get on top of their health and safety, vehicle compliance and maintenance, mileage and asset tracking.

“It’s very easy to use, has a good interface, and the Argus team is very responsive to any problems we might experience. The reports have helped us with our health and safety, and it’s allowed us to see what our guys are doing when out on the road or on site. And, because of our line of work, we’re often on sites where phones are restricted. With Argus Tracking, in the case of emergencies we can see exactly where our vehicles and employees are.”

Harrison Grierson Manage their pool fleet with Argus Tracking

Harrison Grierson

Pool car management easy work for Harrison Grierson with Argus Tracking

Whiteboards, logbooks on keychains and hundreds of people using a handful of cars – this
is the stuff fleet-management nightmares are made of. Harrison Grierson is well-known
as one of the top engineering and design consultancies in New Zealand. Their fleet of
pool cars is spread out across New Zealand – from Auckland right down to Queenstown
– often making tracking and maintenance a logistical headache.

Chief financial officer of MB Century  Matthew Fleming, says the company decided to invest in a fleet tracking option for a variety of reasons:

“We’re in the business of tracking time, so we wanted to make better use of the tech now available – become less about logbooks, and shift to GPS. Vehicles are our number one health-and-safety risk, so we were looking for a way to better monitor good driver behaviour, automate tracking of our fleet and its maintenance, and record our safety checks.”

Geo-fencing tracks whereabouts of pool cars

Gone are the days of manual logbooks – using Argus Tracking’s geo-fencing functionality, Harrison Grierson now keeps tight track of when, where and for how long their pool cars are used.

With the work they do, they charge the use of their pool cars out to jobs – something that had been a tedious and manual process, and often left room for human error.

Matthew explains that by geo-fencing their offices across the country, the company can systematically manage the use of their pool cars. This makes things better for their clients, removes the heavy admin work, and improves the company’s health and safety.

“Our team can now book a pool car, jump in, and once they leave the geo-fence we have set up around our Harrison Grierson offices, their booking starts. When they return, the booking closes, and their entry and exit times are automatically logged.”

 Goodbye spreadsheets, hello automation

With hundreds of people using a handful of cars, it’s imperative Harrison Grierson stays on top of vehicle checks and maintenance – the safety of their employees and other road users is at stake.

“Vehicles are our number one health-and-safety risk. Knowing where our cars are gives us better visibility of our people, but it’s also good to know from a maintenance and health-and-safety point of view.”

Traditionally, vehicle check sheets have always been a necessary hassle – paper-based, time-consuming and with no guarantee of accuracy. Using Argus Tracking’s check sheet app, which works alongside a barcode applied to each vehicle, this work can be done – and signed off – digitally.
Having an automated vehicle tracking system also means Harrison Grierson can get rid of Excel spreadsheets, and instead rely on Argus Tracking’s automatic compliance feature to let them know when WoFs and services are due – keeping them ahead and compliant with their health-and-safety obligations.

More informed decisions

Harrison Grierson is now also enjoying greatly improved pool car efficiency. With Argus Tracking, they can ensure cars are allocated and booked out, to minimise the time cars spend on the lot not earning money.
Matthew says they can now see where their money is best spent on their pool car fleet – and as leases are due for renewal, make informed decisions about whether to keep a car at a branch.

“Because of Argus Tracking, we’re now able to rationalise our vehicle needs based on facts and data, and make decisions on whether the number of cars we have in our fleet and at each branch is actually needed. We’re currently working through how many cars we have as leases come up for renewal, and talking about what other options might be more cost-effective in certain situations – like Uber for example. In the long run, this will potentially save the company a great deal in vehicle costs.”

Right balance between price and functionality

A year-and-a-half ago when Harrison Grierson was in the market for fleet-management software, Matthew explains the company put out a full RFP to a lot of different firms – but it was Argus Tracking’s superior integration with vehicle booking and ERP systems that finally had them sold.

“Like most things, there were other options that were more expensive, had different features – but we needed something that had the right balance between price and functionality. Most important for us was the vehicle booking side of things which Argus Tracking’s competitors just did not have.”

“There were a few teething problems to begin with – underground carparks and GPS don’t always agree, offices with geo-fences located next to motorways – but all things outside of Argus Tracking’s control. They’ve done a great job of managing and resolving those environmental issues bespoke to us, and have filled our requirements.”

Baird Harvesting

Peace of mind for fleet and crew at Baird Harvesting

For forestry company Baird Harvesting, fleet tracking and maintenance was a tedious admin task, and was also time-consuming and expensive.
Five years ago, the company invested in Argus Tracking’s GPS software to streamline their fleet operations. Not only does the software help them keep track of their fleet – but also their crew.

Baird Harvesting’s office administrator Leslee Baird says before using Argus Tracking, the Taupo-based forestry company had no easy way of tracking their fleet, relying solely on their drivers to let her know when something needed renewing – not exactly a fail-safe method. It often resulted in infringement and repair costs, vehicles that weren’t safe to be on the road, and overdue tickets for road-user charges.

She goes on to explain how they were dealing with a high proportion of overspeeds – and without a robust tracking system, were unable to identify who the at-risk drivers were.

“Life made easy” with Argus

Argus Tracking “has made life so much easier” for Baird Harvesting – a great solution for keeping track of, and getting their fleet in order. They use the software’s compliance feature to manage and monitor all vehicle compliance and regular maintenance – reducing infringement costs, keeping their people safe and their fleet road-ready. Now, thanks to the software’s NZTA sync, this is all automated.

Baird Harvesting use Argus Tracking for safety of fleet and crew

“We’re now able to stay up-to-date with fleet compliance and maintenance aspects like WOFs, registrations and road-user charges, because we get sent reminders when everything is due for renewal,” says Leslee.

She explains how they’ve been able to use the driver behaviour and reporting features to monitor what’s happening with their people and vehicles out on the road. They use these features to match up fuel card expenses, monitor general mileage and any personal use of work vehicles, and for speed reporting to identify early any at-risk drivers. They’ve been able to dramatically improve their overspeeds by using the software.

“Monitoring driver behaviour helps us to ensure our employees are safe and compliant while on the road, as well as manage our operational fleet costs,” she says.

Keeping track of the boys

The most unexpected benefit of Argus Tracking for Leslee is being able to keep track of employees’ safety while they’re out in the field.

“For us, the safety of our boys is extremely important, and by using Argus Tracking to monitor our fleet maintenance and compliance, we’ve also realised it’s a great tool to keep track of our crew. Because our fleet is a big part of what we do, we’re able to see when our boys are in and out of work, and if they’ve made it home safely from out in the forest after a day’s work.”

Argus Tracking a must-have

To any other fleet managers considering investing in a piece of fleet management software, Leslee says do it – and do it with Argus Tracking. Gone are the days of overdue road-user charges, infringement costs and speeding tickets – and what’s more, they now know their crew are safe when out on the road and on a job site.

“As far as keeping an eye on business running costs, getting Argus Tracking is the best thing we could have done. It delivers on everything it says it will – and more, based on our experience.”

Peter Robinson Paving & Concrete

Argus Tracking is streets ahead of our previous telematics supplier says
Peter Robinson Paving & Concrete

Peter Robinson Paving & Concrete made the switch to Argus after becoming disappointed with their previous telematics supplier. The switch was easy and the Argus system has paved the way for them to utilise telematics in ways they have never been able to before!

Peter Robinson Paving & Concrete had been using telematics within their business for years, so they knew how much time it could save and the critical operations data it could generate, but it wasn’t until they saw the Argus Tracking solution that they realised ALL the benefits they were missing out on with their current supplier! 

Argus Tracking made it easy and cost neutral for them to swap from their incumbent, and in September 2018, within a few weeks of first getting in touch, their fleet vehicles were installed with the latest Argus hardware, and they were able to start using all of the great Argus Tracking features.

Setting up automated reports and customising the Argus Hub dashboard to their preferences was a quick process, and the Argus support team were at hand to answer any questions that popped up on the way, with their dedicated Client Success Manager in touch to provide upskilling.

Within the first week of the installs being completed, the director of Peter Robinson Paving & Concrete, Dan Robertson was already raving about the Argus system;

“We are already feeling good about having made the switch, Argus is much easier to use.”

Health and Safety is important for the team at Peter Robinson, who were quick to create their own list for the app based driver check sheet, enabling them to stay on top of maintenance issues as they arise. The driver behaviour reporting was also a big plus, with Peter Robinson team member Kate Keane loving being able to monitor all speed zones and easily monitor their drivers at risk.

Even though they had previously had telematics with another supplier, since the switch to Argus Tracking there has been a noticeable improvement in their driver’s behaviour, with their Driver Behaviour score now continually well below the national average.

Kate uses the Stop Report to check time on site and the locations the team have visited, and the Mileage Report allows them to view when vehicles have been used on weekends and public holidays. After hours usage of vehicles was a big risk for the business, but Kate can now easily report on after hours usage and then pass these charges onto the driver. In addition, an after-hours geofence has been created, and now, each Monday, Kate receives an email showing any asset movements after hours.

“The functionality of the website is very easy to use,”, says Kate. And the “easy and quick reports to run” are saving them so much time.”

Their Client Success Manager keeps in touch to upskill team members on features they could be using, and out on the worksite, Spectate has soon become an invaluable tool for the business. Each of Peter Robinson Paving & Concrete’s drivers have been set up with the Argus app, so they can view where the other drivers are in relation to themselves, allowing the team to view where all their assets are and estimate time to sites, providing efficiency and visualisation across the business.

Beef + Lamb NZ

The safety of their team is paramount for Beef + Lamb NZ. Since using Argus Tracking, their driving behaviour has improved and the safety of their remote workers is easy to monitor.

Beef + Lamb NZ’s drivers travel between farms in remote countryside so there was a large health and safety risk for their staff and the organisation.

Argus Tracking was implemented to monitor their driver’s safety while they were out on the road and in remote locations.

As a lot of their driver’s travel was in rural areas outside of traditional GSM cellular coverage, B+LNZ implemented Argus Tracking’s Satellite GPS units. This gave them the ability to monitor the vehicles in real time within GSM coverage, as well as receive real time updates from the GPS units when the vehicles were out of GSM coverage in rural areas and rugged terrain across the country. This satellite coverage has made it easy and cost effective to monitor the safety of their team in remote locations, and provides a new level of confidence to their team and their families.

Beef + Lamb NZ use Argus Tracking for Health and Safety

SOS and Help buttons are also fitted to each vehicle, allowing the drivers to set off alerts if they get into trouble. The SOS and Help Alerts are sent through in real time, regardless of if the vehicles were in or out of GSM coverage. These alerts are sent through to a 24 hour call center that Argus helped B+LNZ connect with, to monitor and action if an alert was received.

By implementing the satellite GPS units, B+LNZ have reduced their health and safety risk and can now always ascertain where any team member and vehicle is at any given time.

B+LNZ have also had great success improving the driving behaviour of their team. Using Argus Tracking’s Driver Behaviour, B+LNZ has been able to identify the at-risk drivers within their fleet and work on changing these behaviours. Overspeed reports are automatically emailed to each driver every week to make them aware of their overspeed instances, and the leaderboard report is presented to their leadership teams to show how the fleet is performing.

When GPS was first implemented, B+LNZ’s driving behaviour score was above the national average. Now, their Driver Behaviour score is continually below the national average.

While B+LNZ use Fleet Partners NZ to look after their fleet, they also use Argus Tracking’s compliance section as a second check for their service reminders, giving them peace of mind that their fleet remains legally compliant. Without this additional compliance overview, things can easily get overlooked, and at the time the GPS units were first installed into the fleet, the Argus team noticed that one vehicle was overdue for RUCs. B+LNZ were advised and shown how to view this in the compliance page, and when they checked with the driver who confirmed it was overdue, they were very grateful.

"Thanks again for letting me know this overdue RUC ticket - I checked in with the driver and he confirmed he was over his allocation!"

The RUC warning in the Argus Tracking compliance portal helped B+LNZ to avoid a potential fine of nearly $2,000 if they had been pulled over by police.

While it’s impossible to put a price on the safety of their team, avoiding administration errors that could cause infringements like this bring a financial return on investment that make the Argus Tracking system even more cost effective for B+LNZ.

Timberworld Birkdale

Custombuilt check sheet solves TimberWorld’s delivery challenges

Additional to the savings created by Argus Tracking telematics, the customised check sheet app has revolutionised TimberWorld Birkdale’s deliveries.

TimberWorld Birkdale go the extra mile for their clients, delivering timber and building supplies to building sites around the city. This door to door service is brilliant for their clients, but TimberWorld started to face a big challenge – materials were starting to go missing.

On a number of occasions, builders got in touch to ask where the materials were, advising the TimberWorld team they hadn’t received a delivery, or were missing a product from their order. The TimberWorld delivery driver however, was certain the order had been dropped off.

When their Argus Tracking Client Success Manager introduced them to the new customisable check sheet app, they realised this was the answer to their delivery challenges. The check sheet was customisable, and enabled the driver to add photos when filling in the sheet, so working with their Client Success Manager, they came up with a simple custom check sheet the driver could complete at the delivery site, then add a photo of the delivered order.

This custom check sheet has been a huge success, with the on site photos providing evidence of delivery and ensuring there are now no disputes as to whether the delivery was completed. They can also ascertain which driver carried out each delivery, and with what vehicle, and the drivers have found the app easy to use and implement in their day to day work.

It’s not just the check sheet that has made Argus Tracking invaluable to TimberWorld Birkdale. They regularly use the Stop Report to report on the locations their assets have travelled to and the time spent at each site, providing efficiency and visualisation across the business.

And Spectate allows the team to see where all their assets are in real-time, allowing them to be proactive in providing their clients with a more accurate estimated delivery time.

With their delivery challenges now solved, the implementation of Argus Tracking telematics into the TimberWorld Birkdale fleet has allowed the team to remain committed to their core values : being able to supply a quality product at a competitive price with a top level of service.

Allendale Electrical


Director - Allendale Electrical

“We found that we could manage the fleet so much better with a good reporting system, which Argus offers. It keeps an eye on Road User Charges, WoFs, CoFs, accumulated mileage and other vehicle management information which is an area that big fleets can actually lose a lot of money to.”

“Time management is another big advantage, ensuring that we can bill our clients correctly when our people are on site, making sure that we use the vehicles wisely in terms of location – why send a van from the CBD to Papakura when someone’s just finished a job in Manurewa?”

“The Argus system tells us where our people are and that way we can allocate jobs cost effectively and more importantly, keep our clients happy with prompt arrival times.”


YMCA in the pool fast lane with Argus Tracking

Van bookings were a time-consuming task for Mandy Fastier from Christchurch’s YMCA - until Argus Tracking installed pool booking software.

“Managing fleet bookings was a real pain,” says Mandy Fastier of YMCA Christchurch. “I used to do it all manually myself. Now van users can self-manage their own bookings.”

Any staff members wanting to book a mini-van from the small YMCA Christchurch fleet must log into Argus Tracking’s pool booking software system to secure a vehicle. “It’s definitely saved me time,” says Fastier, who wears multiple hats as executive assistant to CEO Josie Ogden-Schroeder.

“We used to own our own vans until about a year ago when we went into a new era of leasing vehicles,” recalls Fastier. “I went to a fleet management course where a speaker from Argus Tracking did an amazing presentation. Wow! I thought. That could work for us!”

“An Argus Tracking representative came down from Auckland, and he went out his way to give us a very good deal because the YMCA is a not-for-profit organisation. We had specific needs and he figured out solutions.”

“The lease vans arrived with the tracking devices already installed. After some fine-tuning, the system is working very well. My Argus Tracking go-to person is great at sorting things out. If she can’t solve something on the spot, she gets in the technician.”

Fastier especially likes to keep an eye on speed when precious passengers are on board. “Our vans are on the open road quite a lot, driving between the city and our camp on Banks Peninsula, or taking students on trips to Central Otago or elsewhere in the South Island. Often they are towing trailers on the open road, so it’s very important to monitor driver speed and behaviour. The roads around here are a challenge for anyone after the earthquakes.”

The busy Christchurch YMCA has found that the tracking devices have many unexpected benefits.

“It’s useful for me to know when a group is about to arrive back,” says Fastier. “I even get an alert if someone has left a van door open and the battery is running down. I can pre-empt a flat battery and a van going nowhere with a whole lot of kids inside.”

Time saved by the pool booking software has given Fastier deeper insight into fleet management. “Argus Tracking is also good for reporting and analysis,” she continues. “I can see how often a van is being used or not being used, how many kilometres a particular van has been driven, and which departments are using the vans most. Argus Tracking gives YMCA Christchurch end-of-month information we’ve never had before and we’ve never been more efficient.”

YMCA stolen vehicle recovered easily

Recently, a YMCA vehicle was stolen during the day. That afternoon, once they had realised it had been stolen, YMCA were able to use the Argus Tracking GPS system to ascertain the whereabouts of their vehicle. They were then able to go directly to it and retrieve their vehicle with the spare keys. They have now set up a geofence with an alert on it, so if the car is stolen again they will receive an immediate txt message alert.

Laser Electrical Nelson

Laser Electrical Nelson have found the Argus Tracking GPS tacking system highly valuable in having the real time views of where their assets are at all times, but have also found the system extremely useful when their staff go and carry out work for other Laser divisions, as they are then able to provide reports on the drivers movements to the Laser division that the driver was contracted out to


Seafood Wholesaler

What was the main reason for investing in a GPS Tracking & Fleet management system?

To improve our efficiency in the running of our Distribution Business.


Did any major technical issues arise? If so, were our technical staff competent in resolving these?

We have had a couple of technical issues (usually when our vehicles have visited a repair shop) and these have been attended to very efficiently – Yes, most competently.


Please list a real life example of how the Argus System has helped you. i.e. time sheet discrepancy’s, improved customer response, vehicle recovery, fuel bill decrease etc.?

Ensures that the staff are out there focusing on their route to the best of their ability. Also, able to have a driver attend a Customer Call-out immediately due to knowing their location minute by minute, thereby saving phone calls, time etc.


Do you feel the Argus Tracking system is helping improve your efficiency and profitability?

Yes, most definitely

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We work with and sync with all major New Zealand fuel suppliers.


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