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Argus Tracking Driver ID | Identify your drivers

Staff and vehicles are one of your biggest investments and concerns.
Even though your employees may not be professional drivers, under the changes to the Health and safety at work act, as an employer you need to make sure they are taking driving seriously, safely and with skill.

Your Health & Safety obligations now mean you need to know who is driving your vehicles. If a vehicle is not dedicated to a specific driver how are you going to know?

If you have a fleet of vehicles that are driven by a range of different people, you need to be using Driver ID.

We're seeing a huge increase in organisations using this technology as an important part of health & safety - are you?

Our brand new Driver ID technology - iButton has just been released. It's quick and easy to use and identifies your drivers on Driver Behaviour & Reporting.

Using Argus Tracking software with driver ID can be likened to having a driving instructor sitting next to your driver. Short of shadowing your employee on a daily basis there is no other simple and cost effective way of measuring and managing daily performance and safety. Instead of hiring an instructor to sit in the passenger seat and monitor vehicles and drivers on the road, our software lets you keep an eye on everything in real time from wherever you are.

The Argus tracking system allows for 24-hour, real-time tracking that gives a detailed picture of exactly how your fleet is used, pinpointing inefficiencies, while reducing your operating & fuel costs. Using our system, organisations can ensure vehicles are operating optimally and that drivers are being safe and responsible.


Drivers log on via the app or iButton.

The Argus system monitors driver behaviour and reports on individual drivers, providing visibility into what is happening throughout your fleet and allowing you to identify where drivers need training and where your fleet is at risk.

Run reports on individual vehicles or drivers providing visiblity into what is happening across your fleet.


•    Driver time sheets are accurate, reducing administration time and enabling accurate billing for jobs.
•    Vehicle activity can be related to the driver.
•    Identify any individual driver issues and improve safety
•    Improved fuel economy and staff productivity.
•    Meet your health and safety obligations. Know who is driving each vehicle.


•    Reports on individual vehicles, individual drivers and driver behaviour. 
•    Drivers are restricted to approved vehicles only.
•    Alerts on speeding events.