Bring Your Business into the Next Generation with Fleet Management Software

The right fleet management software can help a business in many ways.

From streamlining efficiency to reducing expenses, from enabling easy compliance to monitoring the driving habits of your employees, using fleet management system software can completely change the game for any fleet-driven business. At Argus Tracking, we can provide the kind of software that will bring your business into a new generation of fleet management.

Related Services We Provide to Fleet Management Software

In addition to providing multiple tiers of fleet asset management software, we also go above and beyond to guarantee a quality experience for our clients. Here are a few of the services that make Argus Tracking an invaluable partner for your enterprise:

  • Tailored GPS solutions: Every fleet-based company needs something slightly different when it comes to GPS tracking. A taxi company seeking a car fleet management software solution, for instance, might have somewhat different needs than a multinational logistics company. At Argus Tracking, we have worked in a wide array of industries with businesses of all sizes and types. We know how to tailor GPS solutions to suit the needs of our customers.

  • Ongoing support: If you ever have any questions or need assistance with your software, know that our customer support is available. We also take an omni-channel approach, which means you can reach us any way you prefer: online, via phone, in person or any mix of the above.

  • Warranty coverage: All the hardware we provide as part of our solutions comes with lifetime warranty coverage. This factor helps many of our customers adopt Argus Tracking solutions with greater levels of confidence.

Argus Tracking Has Solutions for Common Business Problems

Why do car fleets, light fleets and other fleet-based businesses throughout New Zealand trust Argus Tracking with their GPS tracking needs? Here are a few of the critical problems our software helps address:

  • Operational inefficiencies: How far are your drivers travelling to fulfil contracts and do their jobs? By monitoring GPS data and comparing it against industry benchmarks, you can spot operational inefficiencies and take steps to correct them.

  • Health and Safety: When your drivers are out on the road, how do you know they are driving safely and not a health and safety risk? Argus Tracking driver behaviour reporting benchmarks your drivers against over 46,000 other drivers nationwide. Your overall fleet and individual drivers are given a star rating each month, identifying the drivers in your fleet who are most at risk, and where speeding occurs. Want to keep check on lone workers working remotely? Receive real-time notifications when lone workers enter and exit a site, and if a team member hasn’t moved for X time, or left a site by a certain time. Argus Tracking even has solutions for personal monitors with monitored panic buttons. Keep your vehicles, assets and people safe in the field with Argus Tracking.

  • Job Management: Managing team members who are working offsite has its own set of challenges. People aren’t always where they say they are, and often clients can question the time spent on site versus what they are billed for. Use Argus Tracking to collect real accurate data such as each day’s start and finish time, billable travel time and time on each site, giving proof for accurate billing purposes and time sheets. Using real accurate data keeps people honest.

  • Lapses in fleet maintenance: When managing a large fleet of vehicles, it’s difficult to keep up with the maintenance requirements of every single car or truck. Our GPS tracking technology doubles as a web-based fleet maintenance software solution. Schedule servicing and maintenance for all your vehicles and get alerts when those services are due.

Simply put, we dedicate ourselves to solving our customers’ problems. If you have a challenge related to tracking, driver behaviour, compliance, operational efficiency, vehicle maintenance or other similar categories, there is a good chance Argus Tracking can help.

About Argus Tracking

Established in 2007, Argus Tracking is a Tier 1 telematics supplier that provides enterprise solutions to fleets throughout New Zealand. We assist businesses in monitoring and optimising how their fleets are used. To learn more about us and the solutions we offer, contact us today