Discover Why Argus Tracking is One of the Leading GPS Fleet Tracking Companies in New Zealand

Your business needs the help of GPS fleet tracking companies.

This technology is becoming more ubiquitous throughout business for good reason. Many organisations are finding that they can reduce costs, increase efficiency and increase employee morale through one simple change. The industry is being fundamentally changed with systems provided by GPS fleet management companies like Argus Tracking.

What You Can Expect from Argus Tracking Among Fleet Tracking Companies

Every tracking company has their offering or speciality, but Argus Tracking combines the best technologies on the market to deliver a comprehensive and effective system custom-suited for your business.

  • GPS Tracking – Never lose sight of your assets. Visualise your fleet utilisation, and keep your team safe while out in the field. It pays to know exactly where your vehicles are. GPS tracking keeps you informed even if there is no cellular reception in the area for your driver to remain in contact.

  • Save Money – Our technologies help your team gain greater control and feedback on your operations without having to add a single new staff member. Indeed, the immediate savings on fuel and administration will allow you to save on labour and material expenditures right after acquiring the system.

  • Customised Features – The breadth of options that we provide will exceed your needs. As a result, you can get the functions that matter most to your business without overpaying for unnecessary operations. Keep your costs manageable by having a system ideally suited for your business.

What Sets Argus Tracking Apart from Other Fleet Management Companies

We serve our customers with a dedication to match our cutting-edge technology. Here are a few benefits that come from choosing Argus Tracking.

  • Experienced Team – Our team is based in New Zealand and has a background working with the technologies involved in GPS tracking systems. We’ve been in business for years both improving our systems and continuously training our staff on how to effectively use them. You can benefit from our training and experience while getting the best system available.

  • Unrivalled Customer Support – From our very first interaction, you’ll be impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of our team. We are enthusiastic to help you find the perfect system to take your business to the next level.

  • Established Reputation – Our clients continue to turn to us to work with their fleets for the simple reason that we get the job done in a way that works perfectly for them. Find out how we can help you with your unique needs, and you’ll never need to find another provider for GPS tracking systems.

We’re proud of how capable our staff are and know that when you hire us, you’ll be impressed with the service just as much as the technology itself.

About Argus Tracking

We have spent years developing the leading technology for fleet management and tracking. Our understanding of the industry has improved with time, and we offer you the chance to take advantage of our expertise. Contact us today to learn how Argus Tracking can help you improve your operations.