Use Satellite Fleet Tracking and Management to Never Lose an Asset

Remain in control with satellite fleet management.

If your operations span even between two cities in New Zealand; you have your work cut out for you. With hundreds of kilometres of road and land between starting point and destination, it’s next to impossible to track each of your assets without significant help. In the old days, that had to be through a robust infrastructure involving a lot of staffing. Fortunately, modern technology gives you a leg up on tracking your assets without multiplying your labour costs.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Fleet Satellite Tracking

Consider the ways that satellite fleet management can help you most.

  • Track each of your assets, including those without motors or internal power sources. While tracking trucks and other vehicles is obvious enough, you can even track assets that don’t move under their own power, such as trailers, and more.

  • Customise your features to suit your business. While our team knows the benefits of our systems inside and out, no one knows your business like you. Let our team help develop the perfect system suited precisely for your needs.

  • Take advantage of 100% coverage global tracking. With satellite tracking, you know exactly where your assets are even without GSM coverage. Have the comfort of mind that your assets are where they belong or recover stolen assets even in the remotest locations.

What Sets Argus Tracking Apart Regarding Satellite Fleet Tracking

Argus Tracking is more than just our software. Here’s how we stand out from the competition.

  • Our customer support is top of the line and focused entirely on providing you with the best possible experience. This support includes lifetime warranties, as well as continual upgrades and ongoing support.

  • Find cost-effective solutions with packages that give you exactly the features you need. Reduce costs with our fleet management systems and don’t overpay for functions that are irrelevant to your business.

  • We strive for constant innovation and continually reinvest in our technology. Whenever we improve, we provide our customers with the opportunity to incorporate the latest developments into their system.

We ensure that you have the best experience when improving your business with our services.

About Argus Tracking

We’re 100% New Zealand made, with all our staff located right here. This includes our management team, account managers, and even the GPS development team. We’re proud to offer an excellent service to fellow kiwis that helps you streamline your operations and reduce your costs dramatically. Satellite fleet management is an important tool in your toolbox because of the safety and security it offers.

Whichever method you prefer to discuss with our team, we’re ready to help you. Browse the rest of the website, send us an email or request chat support, or contact us by phone. Argus Tracking will ensure that when it comes to your assets, you’re always the one in control.