Control the Situation with Real-Time Mobile Fleet Management and Tracking

Efficient business demands real-time fleet tracking.

As a business manager, you understand the complexities and challenges of ensuring that your fleet gets where it needs to be and does so on time. It requires tremendous amounts of coordination and attention, as well as highly-honed skills and a team that works together well. Even with all that, it’s possible for errors and inefficiencies to crop up.

The Importance of Fleet Management Tracking

Fleet tracking is a crucial part of fleet management. An effective system such as OMNI Track assists your team in several important ways:

  • Intelligent Feedback – Know where your drivers run into delays or problems, so you can improve your regular routes to save time and keep morale up. Fleet management systems help you compile and digest the information in useful chunks.

  • Asset Protection – With logged data, replays, and two-way driver communication, our system helps ensure that your drivers are protected. Whether an accident occurs, or you need to track the location of assets that aren’t where they should be, tracking will arm you with the information you need.

  • Real-Time – Fleet tracking with up-to-the-minute information lets you make the right decisions. This feedback combines with traffic tracking information to continually update your drivers on conditions and the most efficient routes. Further, if anything is awry, you’re alerted immediately without any gaps in time.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Mobile Fleet Management

Fleet management, even more than simple fleet tracking, is most valuable in several circumstances.

  • Having a large fleet means that you’ll need to pay extra attention to each asset. Simplify the work by opting for fleet management that crunches the numbers for you.

  • Time-sensitive tasks ask the most of your team and add stress to your drivers who already work long hours. Ease the burden on your drivers while improving your results with integrated fleet management.

  • Take advantage of your historical data by looking for trends and ways to make your fleet run more efficiently. As you expand, fleet management systems continue to give you useful information to keep improving your operations.

Why You Should Use Argus Tracking

The simplest reason to use Argus Tracking is that we are trustworthy. We make bold promises about what our systems can do for you, but more importantly, we back them up with results. Many organisations that rely on managing a broad spectrum of assets in various conditions rely on our real-time fleet tracking to keep operations running smoothly.

Our clients have seen stolen trucks recovered, times improve and even made efficiency adjustments to minimise labour expenses. We take pains to support you in ensuring you receive all the benefit out of our fleet management that you can. We offer an online knowledge database, a help desk with rapid responses, and client managers who are available to you both face-to-face and telephonically. Contact us today to learn how Argus Tracking can simplify your business.