How Telematics Fleet Management Will Work Wonders for Your Business

Track your drivers in real-time with telematics fleet management.

Using advanced software applications, GPS tracking, and a range of features including driver behaviour monitoring and asset activity, fleet telematics allow you to monitor your vehicles 24 hours a day. Our solutions will make your life much more straightforward as well as help you bolster workplace safety and simplify administrative tasks. Read on to learn more about how our software can help your company.

Related Services We Provide to Telematics Fleet Management

Being able to track your drivers in real-time is only one aspect of our offering. People also turn to our professionals at Argus Tracking because our services include:

  • NZTA synchronisation: Our solutions synchronise with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) database so that you can receive reminders of upcoming for renewals licenses, including the Road User Charges, Warrant of Fitness, Registration and Certificate of Fitness licenses. With these reminders, you don’t need to task yourself with staying on top of your legal obligations, meaning you’ll never miss a deadline again. Better still, we can programme our fleet telematics solutions to renew licenses for you automatically.

  • Notifications: In addition to license renewal reminders, our system provides alerts in the event of disconnected batteries, GPS units going offline and a range of emergencies. You can also receive notifications including check sheets, help and over-speed alerts, which could save you countless hours on administrative and management tasks. Instead of having to search for issues, you’ll know about them in real-time, bolstering safety for your employees and assets.

  • Geofencing: Geofences refer to virtual parameters set up on our solution’s maps for fleets or individual vehicles, and they can be useful for many reasons. We can programme our systems to notify you if a driver fails to leave a geofenced area by a specific time or if they remain there for too long.

The Importance of Fleet Telematics

The primary feature of our solutions is they allow you to monitor the whereabouts and behaviour of your drivers in real time, which is essential to help you:

  • Improve workplace health and safety: Our system creates reports detailing driver activity, such as when and where any speeding took place. This feature not only lets you take action to minimise misconducts but also provide additional training when required, which could help you bolster health and safety significantly.

  • Enhance customer service while streamlining logistical operations: Our solutions show you the precise location of each vehicle in your fleet and provide accurate traffic reports, meaning you can offer your customers an estimated time of arrival for deliveries without having to call drivers or put anybody on hold. This feature makes your job more straightforward and lets you offer your clients an improved service.

  • Remain compliant with the law: As mentioned above – you’ll receive reminders of license renewals in advance of their expiration date, saving you time and money. You could avoid hefty financial penalties by remaining fully compliant with the law thanks to the notification features of our innovative telematics solutions.

Why Argus Tracking Fleet Telematics Solutions Are Cost-Effective

It sounds cliché, but our fleet management systems can help you save time, money and effort in all the ways described above and more. Read some of our testimonials, and you’ll soon find that countless companies have benefited from our services. If you’d like to find out about the financial advantages of our solutions, call us on 0800 872 548.