Selecting a Fleet Tracking System That Scales to Your Level of Need

How do you choose a fleet tracking system that matches your business?

Whether you operate a fleet of vehicles five or five hundred strong, determining an effective way to manage those vehicles and the drivers who operate them can be a challenge. In what way can you effectively stay on top of everything coming your way each day without becoming overwhelmed? With solutions from Argus Tracking, you can gain an ‘eye in the sky’ perspective which equips you with all the tools and data necessary for success.

How Argus Tracking Offers Superior Fleet Tracking Solutions to Diverse Industries

Founded in 2007, the Argus team works hard to continually refine and improve an already well-developed system that offers fleet managers a clear pathway to better management. How do we achieve that? We do it through our:

  • Years of industry understanding which enables us to develop solutions that work in ‘real world’ conditions. Receive reports when things go wrong — not when there's literally nothing to report.

  • A focus on compliance, ensuring your RUCs and registrations are always in order. With a direct interface to the NZTA, automatic syncing is easy and you'll never need to worry about going out of compliance.

  • In-depth support available all the time to ensure your business is never without the answers it needs. From an online knowledge base to dedicated customer support, we're here for you.

By dedicating ourselves to positive client experiences and a system that allows fleet managers to become the heroes in their businesses, we hope to help you lay the groundwork for long-term success.

Addressing Typical Concerns with Fleet Tracking Management from Argus Tracking

What about the usefulness of the actual fleettrackingsystem we provide, though? Consider some of the most common concerns you can combat when deploying an Argus solution for your business.

  • Monitor driver behaviour and habits to ensure that they maintain safe driving habits as much as possible. Without a fleettrackingsystem, how can you know whether a driver habitually speeds or disobeys traffic laws? Safeguard others and your business with Argus' built-in exception reporting.

  • Falling out of compliance over time or racking too many kilometres on a RUC purchased for a lower number of kms. Stop worrying about hefty fines and focus on daily goals instead.

  • Identify shortcomings in daily routines or schedules and determine how better to meet daily milestones for long-term success.

With many other features to consider and even more functionality to uncover, the Argus platform is ideal for meeting all levels of need.

Don't Miss the Opportunities Argus Tracking Solutions Create

Fleet management shouldn't be an afterthought — at least, not until you've set up an effective system which streamlines the majority of your work on a daily basis. With Argus Tracking, businesses can tap into a mature technology designed with the challenges of today's fleet managers in mind. Don't pass over the chance to explore what improvements you can achieve with these tools. Find out more directly from our team today.