Using Fleet Tracking Software to Streamline the Core of Your Business

Fleet tracking software can make a difference in daily operations.

Do you ever find yourself wishing, as the fleet manager, that you could instantly know where every driver is and how close they are to arrival at their destination? What about whether you have staff driving dangerously, or a few vehicles whose regos and WOFs are about to lapse? Answering these questions without a detailed system in place to furnish you with the data is tough, but there is a solution.

The Importance of Vehicle Fleet Tracking Software

With fleettrackingsoftware, it is staggeringly easy to stay abreast of everything that goes on with your fleet every minute of every day, no matter how many vehicles you have out on the road. By equipping drivers with mobile technology that interfaces directly to the system through the cloud, you can eliminate uncertainty and gain heaps of valuable data.

  • Keep vehicle licensing and registration up to date automatically, streamlining your compliance procedures and avoiding troublesome (and costly) lapses. Know when WOFs, COFs, and RUCs are almost out of date and tap into a streamlined way to renew your documentation with ease.

  • Ensure that drivers operate within correct guidelines and parameters for safety and efficiency. Watch out for dangerous driving habits in adverse weather, consistent speeding and other problems that may indicate the need for retraining.

  • Identify where to make improvements in daily operations and better understand the numbers your system generates. With the ability to generate detailed reports about the day's activities, you can more easily spot inefficiencies.

The Benefits of Fleet Management Tracking Software by Argus Tracking

At Argus Tracking, we have more than a decade of experience providing fleet tracking software to businesses of all shapes and sizes. With one of the most feature-filled packages available on the market, we are well-positioned to assist your business in rethinking its entire approach to fleet management. What are some of the core benefits of our solutions?

  • A robust, all-inclusive package which covers every aspect of fleetvehicletracking. From the Android apps installed on driver phones, to the live dashboard the fleet manager can consult at any time, Argus puts the ultimate power of fleet management directly in your hands.

  • In-depth, multi-channel support that enables you to fully engage with the capabilities of your new platform. With a dedicated customer success agent, we ensure you're never left in the dark about what to do next.

  • A modern, cloud-based platform that makes deployment simple and maintenance even simpler. Never worry about lost data or out-of-date information, as the Argus system updates automatically and runs seamlessly in the background.

Why Choose Argus Tracking?

Alongside the benefits listed above, Argus Tracking also includes many other features that make our solutions an extremely worthwhile investment. Through our dedication to aiding our partners in fully realising the advantages of the Argus platform, we can help you integrate, deploy and operate your new system with ease. To learn more about these systems or to discuss a sales enquiry today, please contact us online or by phone