Meeting Milestones and Staying on Track with GPS Fleet Management Options

GPS fleet management is an essential tool in today's connected world.

In fact, there are not very many good reasons not to employ some sort of GPS fleet management solutions for a business that relies on drivers on the road. Whether your business is logistics and shipping or you're a small-scale mobile trade service provider, understanding where your team is, where they're heading, and how long it will take them to get there is essential for efficient — and safe — operations. At Argus Tracking, we provide tailored solutions that line up with the specific needs of your business.

Related Services We Provide Alongside GPS Fleet Solutions

Of course, the Argus Tracking platform is capable of much more than simply tracking the location of your vehicles and their drivers by GPS. In fact, our service provides immense value owing to its wide-reaching capabilities. These include:

  • Convenient management and driver apps, which make managing, collecting and validating time sheets a simpler, less stressful task. Drivers even have access to an app-based ‘panic button’ to alert the fleet manager to an immediate emergency.

  • Well-rounded support to aid you in not only learning the software but using it to the fullest extent of its abilities. Argus is easy to learn, and you can become a proficient user in no time — we'll help.

  • Reporting capabilities to cover every aspect of the fleet, from compliance to driver behaviour. Ask us about how you can customise report generation and set up automatic reports so the right data is always at your fingertips.

Deriving the Most Value from a New GPS Fleet Management System

Once you choose to adopt GPS fleet management for your operation, how do you ensure that you get the most of your investment? Keep these helpful tips in mind as you consider your next steps:

  • Explore your options with a dedicated client success manager from Argus before embarking on your journey. We are always happy to help you understand what our solutions can achieve and how you can benefit from each feature in the software.

  • Take full advantage of the built-in capabilities of the platform, including geofencing. Find out how these options can change the way you approach fleet management.

  • Use built-in syncing systems to interface with NZTA and ensure your vehicles remain fully compliant at all times. Why worry about filing and re-filing RUCs when with a few clicks of the mouse you're all done thanks to an automatic system sync?

Why You Can Trust Argus Tracking with GPS Fleet Monitoring

A leader in the fleet management industry, Argus Tracking has a strong track record of success and satisfied clients across many diverse sectors. This experience has not only strengthened our ability to tailor solutions to meet special requirements, but it has also led to direct improvements in the way the platform operates. Deeply committed to ensuring that our clients have the necessary information to make the right choices, you can trust that we have your best interests at heart from start to finish. Explore more about how we can help right now