Argus Tracking: Providing Powerful and Intuitive Software for Vehicle Fleet Management

Vehicle fleet management solutions can benefit your business tremendously.

At Argus Tracking, we develop intelligent GPS fleet management software that lets you track your assets in real time as well as monitor driver behaviour and receive notifications and reminders for license renewals. In short, we’ve designed our software to make your life uncomplicated while helping you bolster your customer service offering, save money and improve your reputation. Call us to learn more or read on to find out about the features included in our solutions.

What You Can Expect from Argus Tracking Regarding Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Some features that make our solutions so high-value include:

  • 24-hour, real-time asset tracking: Our solutions let you track all the vehicles in your fleet around the clock. You can view your assets and drivers on an on-screen map from any location. The benefits of this feature include the ability to create accurate timesheets and monitor the behaviour of your employees. Should they violate any rules, you’ll know where and at what time, allowing you to act accordingly.

  • Live traffic reports: Not only can you see your drivers’ current locations, but you can also view their routes and traffic reports, allowing you to provide customers with reasonably accurate estimated arrival times. Our software can also recalibrate directions when roads become congested, streamlining your operations, improving your reputation for reliability and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

  • RUC license automatic renewal: For each vehicle in your fleet, our management software will notify you when you need to renew Road User Charges, Warrant of Fitness, Registration and Certificate of Fitness licenses, minimising the risk of you having to pay any fines for non-compliance. This feature is possible because our software synchronises with the New Zealand Transport Agency database. We can also programme our solutions to purchase individual licenses automatically.

What Sets Argus Tracking Apart Regarding Its Vehicle Fleet Management System

Our mission is to make your fleet management tasks as straightforward as possible so that you can remove logistical challenges, save money and improve your service offering. Why should you choose our solutions? Some reasons include:

  • We can tailor our software to meet any organisation’s requirements: Whether you need to track an individual vehicle or a fleet of a thousand, we have a solution for you. We can cater to the needs of SMEs, corporations, government departments, trades and much more.

  • Our systems and reports are straightforward and comprehensive: The Argus Hub is easy to use and provides a low learning curve for your team. Anybody can learn how to extract the maximum benefit from our solutions, and you can feel confident we’ll teach you the ins and outs during setup. Easily and quickly run reports, customise the dashboard and set up your notifications.

  • We value customer feedback and provide exceptional support services: We always respond to client queries promptly and resolve issues without delay because we aim to provide an unparalleled level of customer care. We assign a designated client success manager to each of our clients, and you can reach us via phone, online helpdesk tickets, our knowledge base and more.

Why Customers Should Use Argus Tracking

We can almost guarantee your organisation will benefit from our vehicle fleet management software, which we believe is the most advanced on the market. Despite its comprehensive features, cost-effective price and countless benefits, implementation is straightforward, and we offer lifetime warranties on hardware. If you’d like to learn more about our tracking solutions, call us on 0800 872 548.