Reduce Costs and Maximise Efficiency with Fleet Management Solutions

At Argus Tracking, our fleet management solutions transform businesses.

By providing powerful software and hardware solutions, we deliver significant benefits to fleet-based businesses throughout New Zealand. From large organisations to individual tradespeople, we have plans to suit organisations of all sizes and offer the tools these businesses need to unlock new levels of efficiency. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, an Argus Tracking fleet management system can get you there.

The Importance of Fleet Management Solutions

When you started your business, it probably wasn’t so difficult to keep track of your fleet. You likely had just a few vehicles and only a couple drivers on your payroll. As your fleet grows, though, it becomes exponentially harder to juggle everything. Our fleet monitoring services at Argus Tracking solve the issue by delivering these benefits:

  • We keep you aware: Where are your assets right now? Are your jobs being managed and routed in efficient ways? Are your drivers staying smart out on the road? An Argus fleet monitoring system helps you track your vehicles and collect key insights from them. This data keeps you aware and helps you make smarter decisions about how to manage your fleet.

  • We keep you on the road: One of the hardest things to manage with a large fleet is vehicle maintenance. Our software makes it easy to monitor maintenance schedules for every car or truck in the fleet. Staying up to date with this schedule helps extend the lifespan of your assets and avoids vehicle downtime that might take parts of your fleet off the road.

  • We keep you compliant: Maintenance isn’t the only consideration for staying on the road. You also need to keep up with Warrant of Fitness, Certificate of Fitness, Registration and other paperwork for all your vehicles. Argus Tracking software makes it easy to keep everything up to date and compliant.

Benefits of Argus Tracking and Our Fleet Management Services

If you are looking for fleet GPS solutions, you might be wondering what makes Argus Tracking the ideal option for your fleet. Here are a few benefits of working with us:

  • Our solutions are available to any size of fleet: We can tailor our solutions to suit the size of your fleet and the specific functions you are seeking. From small fleets just starting out to huge nationwide companies, we can provide suitable solutions across the fleet management spectrum.

  • Our solutions are scalable: One of the best things about working with a company that serves fleets of all sizes and industries is scalability. You can always count on Argus Tracking to meet your needs, even if those needs change over time. With us, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that you will always be able to scale your fleet GPS systems to go along with that growth.

  • Our solutions are constantly changing: At Argus Tracking, we are always working to improve our offerings. We have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and technologies, to make sure they feature in our software.

Why Trust Argus Tracking Regarding Fleet GPS Systems

At Argus Tracking, we have been operating since 2007. We have served countless clients across all manner of industries, bringing quality service to the table every time. We even back our hardware with lifetime warranty coverage, to prove that our money is where our mouth is. Simply put, we want you to be able to trust us as an authority in this industry. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more.