What You Need to Know about a Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking System

What can a fleet management vehicle tracking system actually do?

We hear this question occasionally at Argus Tracking. Our prospective clients understand that our products can be used to track and monitor the vehicles in a fleet. However, perhaps they don’t see why GPS tracking has significant benefits for fleet management or know about all the other features our systems have to offer. Read on to learn more about tracking and fleet management and why it is beneficial for the industries we serve.

The Benefits of a Fleet Management and Tracking System

When clients team up with Argus Tracking for assistance with fleet management, here are a few of the key advantages they gain:

  • You know exactly where your vehicles are: Our systems will track your fleet vehicles 24 hours a day. Being able to see where your assets are is beneficial in many ways, from determining which driver is nearest to a new job to seeing inefficiencies in your utilisation.

  • You can monitor your drivers and their behaviour: Unsafe drivers are a liability for your business. Not only do Argus Tracking systems identify vehicle location, but they can also monitor speed. If you have a driver who is consistently violating speed limits, our systems will let you know.

  • You can utilise geofencing technology: With our fleet management and vehicle tracking software, one option you have is to set up geofencing. With this technology, you can establish virtual zones on the map and then receive notification alerts when a vehicle enters or exits one of the zones.

Common Mistakes People Make with Tracking and Fleet Management

The right vehicle tracking and fleet management technology can unlock worlds of new possibility for your business. Just don’t fall into these common pitfalls of shopping for and implementing this type of system:

  • Not understanding what you need: A GPS tracking solution for your fleet can unlock new levels of efficiency and oversight for your business. However, it’s essential to understand what you want and need out of this technology before you buy. At Argus Tracking, we can tailor our solutions to suit your requirements, but only if you have a firm idea of what those requirements are!

  • Only focusing on GPS tracking: True fleet management goes beyond knowing where your assets are right now. Our solutions at Argus Tracking can help you unlock so much, from the items we’ve already mentioned (like driver behaviour monitoring) to the ones we haven’t (systems to help you keep track of maintenance and compliance requirements). As you shop, make sure to delve deep to gain a full understanding of everything that can fall under the umbrella of tracking and fleet management.

  • Not prioritising training: Make it a priority to get everyone in your business trained on how to use your new software. Argus Tracking solutions have an intuitive, modern interface and comes with omni-channel customer support. Everyone on your team should be able to learn this software easily, so long as you commit to fostering adoption and implementation across the board.

About Argus Tracking

With more than a decade of experience in the world of fleet asset tracking and monitoring, Argus Tracking is your gateway to a smarter era of fleet management. We have served all manner of different fleets, including trucking companies, logistics firms, taxi fleets and even landscaping businesses. We can surely provide a suitable solution for your business as well. Contact us today to get started.